Day: July 12, 2022

Until recently most people in the waste industry had assumed that it was impossible to reduce the amount being produced and were concentrating on putting the stuff to better use. But lately that assumption has been challenged. For one thing, the pace at which the rich world churns out rubbish has been slowing. Between 1980 […]
In most communities, reducing, reusing, and recycling waste has become a standard practice to minimize the amount of garbage going into landfills. Sorting your waste will often depend on the recycling program in your community. Most have guidelines published for residents. There are general guidelines, though. Sorting garbage can reduce the impact on landfill by […]
The question seemed straight forward. “In human medicine, most people would agree that a person gets sick with a cold or with the flu when their immune system is suppressed. Has anyone considered what is suppressing the immune system of the people and chickens in Vietnam, making them more susceptible to deadly effects of H5N1? […]
Mercury Toxicity- Are you at risk? Heavy metals are ubiquitous substances, especially in industrialized countries. There are 16 heavy metals physicians routinely test. More than 1900 autoimmune diseases are now linked to heavy metal toxicity. Autoimmune diseases, immune dysfunction syndromes and treatment resistant conditions are linked to this type of chronic poisoning. A recent in […]
There are, literally, many, many ways you can go about strengthening your immune system. These approaches can be roughly classified as follows: Lifestyle changes Food choices Dietary supplements Herbs Essential oils 1] Lifestyle changes to strengthen your immune system To boost your immune system, one of the first things you need to do is to […]
With about 70% and more of all the treatment decisions that take place in India being based on diagnostic lab test results, there is no proper regulatory body overlooking all the practices of diagnostic labs. Several reports show that the revenues from diagnostics segment grew at a CAGR of around 20% in 2010-12, this is […]
Technology has been defined in several ways. The simplest is the knowledge of using tools and techniques to improve the working condition, organizational management and artistic perspective in order to improve the efficiency of product, machine or human efforts. The primitive man is known for intelligent use of stone to convert it into weapon and […]
To anyone that hears the term Dirty MRF (pronounced “murf”) it sounds vaguely unpleasant, maybe even insulting. Perhaps, when you first heard it spoken you thought the person who said it must have been struck by a speech impediment! A dirty MRF (Materials Recovery Facility) is a waste processing facility, accepting deliveries from WCV (Waste […]
Globally refuse disposal is still one of the great growth industries of our time. The majority of what we buy and use, is destined for the dustcart, and in an ever shorter time and breaking all previous records for quantity as civilization becomes more affluent. We purchase great quantities of goods which come with a […]
The environment has been experiencing a tremendous tumult because of human. It is true that it’s God’s grandeur to be able to enjoy the grace given by nature to every human being. Because of irresponsible creatures that have been taking everything from the environment, from its benefits down to destroying it, human is but accountable. […]