Calories During Sex – How Many Calories Do You Burn During a 30 Minute Sex Session?-incineration of waste


Most of us assume that anything that feels good can’t possibly be good at all. Well it’s time to turn away from that logic because something that feels good can actually be beneficial to your health. We are talking about sex here, specifically safe sex.

Have you ever heard of the cliché, “Touch heals”? The chemical composition of your body actually changes when you are being touched. Caressing, cuddling, stroking, and hugging have the ability to change the chain of reaction of chemicals in your body. The results are awesome: strengthened emotional bonds and improvement of overall health and mood.

Does sex play a significant role in weight loss and lowering cholesterol levels? Yes it does. The average amount of calories burned for 30 minutes session of sex is 150. When you would compare it to other activities that you actually do on a daily basis, you would see that you burn more with sex than the rest. Housework can burn only 111 cals, Yoga 114 cals, and dancing 129 cals. Sex is actually said to be a legitimate form of exercise that lowers cholesterol level.

Not only does sex burn energy, it also helps improve circulation. The deep breathing and increased heart rate that happens during a 30-minutes session helps increase the flow of blood to your entire body. It then supplies fresh oxygen, hormones, and nutrients to the brain and other organs. The rate by which waste deposits are removed from your body system in also increased, hence results to weight loss and prevention of fatigue and illness. Lastly, you get better sleep after a 30-minutes session of lovemaking. You would sleep more and restfully because of the relaxing afterglow.

Whether you are making love with your partner, or even during orgasm itself, you are actually burning calories and reaping the benefits.