Eid Can Lead to Another Exposure of Covid-19 in Pakistan-covid19


In current situation Pakistan went into lockdown, allow public to shop and to mock smartly, did you think the coronavirus will not spread during the time period to 800hrs to 1700hrs. We have soft heart for under privilege person, many NGO’s and many peoples on their own helping them to meet their ends. Government of Pakistan decided to ease in their lockdown system allow boutiques, shopping malls and other markets to function during day time, but people are not following the SOP for their own safety, a huge crowd move to malls and market, a threat that bust into large number of coronavirus affected person, hospitals have no further places to accommodate covid-19 positive patients.

Holy month of Ramadan come to its end and we are preparing for the celebration of EID Day, I am very much concerned of how we can control this pandemic disease, as in our culture males use to hug each other and females shake hand with each other on Eid day.

Now a days we are following Social distancing, staying home, washing hand and other preventive measures, but now it seems difficult and it’s difficult to communicate people and limit them about their culture values which are stopping them to their own family and maintaining social distance as per preventive measure for Covid19, local community leaders, religious scholars, actors, high profile personalities, high influence people and famous personalities can lead there role by communicating and educating people about prevented measure which includes social distancing, hand washing, not to shake hand and hugging while celebrating Eid, they can play an important role in controlling corona in Eid days and limit our casualties.

In Pakistan many positive cases have no symptoms and roaming here and there in the markets which can lead to increase number of positive cases, after EID it will be very difficult to handle large number of cases, here religious scholars, Qari and Imam can play there role in educating people to avoid gather, shake hands, hugging and touching, we never know people will social distancing and government SOP during EID days, as we have seen in many places that SOP’s are not followed in Shopping Plaza’s and mosque and in social gatherings which can be an alarm for covid to spread.

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EID Prayers are allowed to held in Eid Gah Grounds by government, where thousands of people gather and recite Eid namaz, after they hug each other which can be dangerous and can lead to further spread of Corona

GOD Bless Pakistan and GOD Bless me