Fire Blankets – The Old and Simple Way-incineration of waste


There are many ways now to extinguish fire when there is a breakout. Intumescent products, fire extinguishers, plain water, etc. are different examples. However, a fire blanket is another way to stop fire, a method used since years and is one of the simplest. What keeps fire blankets apart from other means of fire prevention is that they are quite handy and easy to control and effectively prevent the spread of fire.

Fire blankets work on the principle of breaking the air supply from the fire and thus preventing it from spreading to other places. They cloak the fire and thus prevent more oxygen from getting to the fire and thus extinguish the flames. The best advantage of fire blankets is that they can extinguish many types of fires, even those that cannot be extinguished by water. Generally, fire blankets are used to put out fire that is small and has just started.

It might not be easy to use a fire blanket at the first attempt. There is a specific way to use it. Here is a small guide in using the fire blanket:

1. Store the blanket in an easily accessible location

When a fire breaks out time is of utmost importance. Make sure that you keep the blanket is a place where it is easy to find and use. You don’t want to waste time searching for it when there is fire burning around you.

2. Keep your hands safe

While using the blanket there is a chance that your arms and hands are exposed to fire. Avoid this by wearing a pair of gloves or covering your hands with the edge of the blanket.

3. Assess the fire

Check whether the fire can be extinguished with the blanket. If the flames are too big for the blanket to cover do not waste more time. Call the fire brigade immediately. If the flames are small cover the flames completely with the blanket.

4. Cover the flames with the blanket

While draping the fire with the blanket, make sure there is no gap from which fire can escape. If it is covered completely with the blanket the air supply would be interrupted and the fire would stop. In case you are using the blanket over a person, let the person lie down and then cover him or her with the blanket. Again, ensure that the flames are completely covered by the flames.

5. Allow the blanket to cool

Once the flames are put off, let the blanket cool for some time. Wait for an hour or a half before you get the blanket. While removing the blanket, check whether any flames are remaining. Once removed, shake the blanket, clean and then store it in its original place to be used again.

Fire blankets make a suitable fire extinguishing product because of its simplicity and ease of use. Even small children can be trained to use it and there is no need to worry about the type of fire. Only factor you need to worry about is whether the fire is small or big. Also, they are low maintenance. If your house or office is huge you can easily have many number of blankets in different parts of the building.