Green Energy Drinks – Worried About a Slow Metabolism? 2 Steps to Ease Fears & Speed Metabolic Rate-incineration of waste


We all want a fast metabolism. A fast metabolism means that our bodies are efficiently converting food into energy and burning fat as fuel instead of storing it for a rainy day. In other words, with a good metabolism, we’re energetic, active, healthy, alert and lean, and with a slow metabolism, we’re hungry, sluggish, foggy-headed, unhealthy and fat. No brainer, right? Especially when a slow metabolism can keep your body from getting the nutrients it needs, eventually leading to breakdown.

A fast metabolism is tied to a simple healthy diet with the right ratio of lean protein (like fish or whey protein), unprocessed carbohydrates (like leafy greens or green drink powder) and healthy fats (like nuts or flax oil). It’s not tied to processed quick-fixes like diet pills, caffeinated drinks or sugary beverages that make you feel “speedy” and then make you crash. No, these ups and downs throw off your blood sugar and slow your metabolism even more! Plus, they only further add to environmental toxins building up in your body and slowing your metabolism.

The good news is that there are easy, all-natural ways to speed your metabolism that last all day. And whey you feel energetic on a steady basis, you’re more active and less hungry causing a snowball effect that benefits your overall well-being and body tone in the long-term.

One of our favorite energy-boosting metabolism speeders is green energy powder. The higher energy levels it gives you keeps you moving and burning more fat and leaves you with that fast metabolism snowball effect. Here’s how healthy energy drinks give you more energy naturally:

o They have all-natural green tea, a natural stimulant.

o They’re full of antioxidants that keep cells healthy, giving you plenty of energy to use on whatever you want.

o They contain probiotics and digestive enzymes that help digestion, keeping the body cleaner, more efficient and more energized.

o They have lots of chlorophyll that alkalizes and cleans the blood. This gives you more red blood cells to carry oxygen in and metabolic waste out.

o They’re all-alkaline and help keep your body in ideal alkaline PH state.

So how can you speed up your metabolism naturally to stay energized and lean? Follow This Breakfast Shake 2-Step Plan!

#1. Get the optimum amount of protein, carbs and fats at every meal and snack. What’s the optimum amount? A fist-size portion of unprocessed carbohydrates, a thumb-size portion of healthy fats, and a fist-size portion of lean protein. Your body needs all three to :

o Turn carbs into glucose to fuel your body and brain

o Stabilize blood sugar

o Provide fiber to curb hunger

o Burn body fat

#2. Have a green energy drink for breakfast and plan ahead by having the ingredients on hand. This breakfast drink is easy to prepare, tastes delicious and has the perfect nutritional balance that we just talked about in step #1.

Blend the following to desired smoothness: liquid (water, milk); green drink powder; pure protein powder; good fat (omega oil); fresh fruit; ice; optional essences and spices (ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, mint, vanilla ).

Ready to be energized all day long thanks to a healthy metabolism? Start by shopping for the ingredients for your breakfast smoothies…