Smoke on the Horizon: The Botswana Crematoria Debate

The spectre of smoke and controversy hangs over Botswana’s newly opened incinerator. Controversial from its inception, the controversial facility promises to tackle the problem of cremating human remains, but its implementation has sparked fierce debate and raised numerous questions.


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The Botswana incinerator is a contentious project aimed at addressing the harmful practice of traditional open-air burning of human remains. This archaic method poses significant environmental and health risks. The incinerator offers a cleaner and more dignified solution, but its implementation has ignited a fiery debate across the nation.

Key Concerns:

  • Religious Beliefs: The incinerator violates the beliefs of certain religions that view cremation as taboo. Critics argue that the government is encroaching on their religious freedom.
  • Environmental Impact: The fumes emanating from the incinerator raise concerns about air pollution and its potential health effects.
  • Cost and Affordability: The construction and operation costs of the incinerator are substantial, raising questions about its affordability for a developing nation like Botswana.
  • Ethical Dilemmas: The technology of incineration raises ethical questions about the potential for manipulating human remains and the potential for creating mass graves.

The debate has become particularly heated due to the government’s insistence on the incinerator despite widespread opposition. The government has justified its stance by emphasizing the environmental benefits and the need to address the existing dangers of open-air burning. However, critics argue that the benefits do not outweigh the negative consequences and that alternative solutions could be explored.


Q: What is the purpose of the incinerator?

A: The incinerator is designed to provide a cleaner and more dignified way to dispose of human remains. It aims to reduce environmental hazards and health risks associated with traditional open-air burning.

Q: What are the main concerns surrounding the incinerator?

A: The primary concerns include religious beliefs, environmental impact, cost and affordability, and ethical dilemmas.

Q: What alternative solutions are being considered?

A: Some alternative solutions to the issue of cremating human remains include natural burial, alkaline hydrolysis (a chemical process that reduces human remains to ash), and the construction of designated burial grounds.

Q: What is the current status of the incinerator?

A: The incinerator is operational, but the government is still facing significant resistance from various groups. There is ongoing debate about the potential impact of the incinerator on religious beliefs and the environment.


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