Medical Benefits of Liquid Oxygen-medical waste


Liquid oxygen is nothing but the gaseous form of oxygen that has been cooled down to a liquid. Usually liquid oxygen is used for circulating air in aquacultures as it is more cost efficient compared to the gaseous form of oxygen. Liquid oxygen is slightly cryogenic in nature and has the tendency to make objects that it comes in contact with brittle.

Today, a therapy known as oxygen therapy is fast becoming popular. This therapy is known to increase the available oxygen for the lungs. The person who wants to avail this therapy is made to sit in an enclosure and liquid oxygen is then given to him through a cannula that is inserted into the nostrils. However, before the therapy is started, doctor’s approval and supervision is required due to the associated risks.

Under normal circumstances, the body only gets half of the required oxygen. And, considering the pollution and contaminants in our environment, it should not come as a surprise that our body cannot flush out the toxins and waste, a process that requires oxygen. So, if the body does not get adequate amounts of oxygen, all toxins and wastes tend stay accumulated in the body causing harm and damage.

One way to resolve this problem is to go for liquid oxygen. In fact, liquid oxygen is used to product certain products that provide the body with vitamin supplement. So, you can easily take these supplements and get your daily dose of vitamins and also oxygen. The oxygen enters the body via the gastrointestinal tract rather than the conventional method of respiration. These supplements can help in detoxification of the body and fight infections and diseases. Usually it is seen that athletes and people who work in high altitude make use of these supplements. In addition, you can get sprays that are rich in oxygen and can be used to assist in the healing of small cuts and bruises, alleviate itching and tackle insect bites.

There are many health conditions like anemia that can lead to a deficiency of oxygen in the blood. Even stress is known to reduce the level of oxygen in the blood. A person suffering from deficiency of oxygen is constantly feeling fatigued, weak and ill. This can be easily remedied with the help of oxygen therapy under medical supervision.