The Benefits of Calorie Restriction and Fasting for Weight Loss-medical waste


A considerable number of individuals have reported positive outcomes, when dealing with various medical conditions using calorie restriction and fasting. These conditions, in no particular order, are as follows: Cardiovascular Diseases, Migraines, Glaucoma, Constipation, Liver Diseases, Libido, Sinuses, Fibroid Tumors, and Bulimia.

It is believed in some circles, that the primary cause of the majority of diseases is a buildup of toxins in the body. Every function that the cells in your body perform, produces waste, however, they can become overwhelmed. Your body wants to heal itself with participation from its host, meaning you, and then it will proceed to do just that with your help. You initiate that process by removing toxins, eating live wholesome food, proper supplements, and a positive mental approach.

Fasting will initiate an action that affects every cell and tissue in the body. By removing dead cells, new cells will be generated to replace the old. A fast gives the body a chance to direct its energy and enzymes for metabolic activities, in particular, removing waste.

An interesting study showed that mice fed every other day were protected in a more favorable manner as opposed to mice that had an unrestricted diet. The protection pointed to better numbers where diabetes and Alzheimer’s were concerned. Numerous studies have also shown that 70% of patients with psychiatric disorders improved with fasting. It has been observed by various researchers that fasting patients with psychosomatic problems had an 85% success rate.

Fasting must be done in a safe manner. A number of health care providers insist that juice fasting is the safest and most effective method. To fast with water will release large amounts of waste into the blood stream, possibly overwhelming the body!

Electrolytes can be maintained if fruit and vegetable juice is utilized along with alkalizing vegetable broths and herbal teas. The person fasting will also get their requirements of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The release of toxins from fat cells is accomplished in a much more controlled fashion.

A fast will not always eliminate waste from the colon, so a colon cleaning protocol is in order. Remember, if the colon is not cleaned, the waste can be reabsorbed while juice fasting.

An individual should consume six to eight glasses of water, along with herbal tea, each day when conducting the fast.

It’s a good idea to eat only whole fruits and vegetables a couple of days prior to a fast. This will ease the body into the fast. When breaking a fast, it is prudent to introduce healthy foods a little at a time. Do not over eat. If you want to stay healthy, this advice is applicable anytime fasting or not.

The best way to stay healthy is to restrict calories along with consumption of nutritious food.

Calorie restriction has shown to increase the life span of mammals in test after test. This is accomplished through reduction of oxidation, balancing insulin and glucose levels.

It has been suggested that at least a 30% reduction in calories is called for if one wants to realize the benefits of calorie restriction.

In closing, after checking with your health provider, and if done in a safe manner, calorie restriction and fasting can be powerful tools in preventing diseases and insuring an individual a life with immeasurable quality.