Types of Energy for a Cleaner Greener World-hazardous waste disposal


There are multiple types of energy. The most known ones are kinetic and potential energy. Kinetic energy is simple just energy in motion. A plane flying to even a baseball moving through the air are all forms of kinetic energy. Potential energy is energy stored, ready to be turned into kinetic energy. Imagine a rollercoaster, while it’s moving along the tracks it’s using kinetic. Think of all the motion while you’re moving up the hill until you reach the top and the coaster stops. Once stopped, all that kinetic gets turned into potential energy. When your coaster moves again, the potential turned back into kinetic. Along with Kinetic and Potential there is mechanical energy, heat energy, chemical energy, and gravitational energy. Mechanical is used for motion to happen. Heat energy is created by heat like fire while chemical energy is created only with chemical reactions. Gravitational energy is motion from earth’s gravity. An example of this is a leaf falling from a tree, water falling from a waterfall, all of these examples of gravitational energy.

There are many ways to create energy. Some of these ways are dams, windmills, and even solar panels. Using energy to fuel our cars, homes, and cities are extremely more eco-friendly than using oil. Using oil to fuel our basic needs creates more smog, green house gases, and is a factor to global warming. Dams, windmills, and solar panels are clean green ways to power our earth with out polluting it. As oil prices rise, the use of solar and renewable resources becomes higher. Oil is a non-renewable element, once we use up all our oil, we are done. Burning coal, wood, and other fuels create smoke and dangerous chemicals that will go into our atmosphere. With more chemical in the air, we are at risk for infection or even more. Our earth is constantly getting damaged from use of oils, fossil fuels, and coal. Global warming is melting our ice caps, and making the ocean rise. Clean ways to power our cities is a one giant step into being a cleaner more modernized world. In fact a majority of cities in developing countries don’t even have energy. They have to use coal and oil to fuel their society, hence adding more pollution into the air. If we all use solar panels, windmills, and dams, we could banish the need for oil. Hopefully one day clean energy will be accessible for everyone.