Why Should You Install A Wood Burning Sauna Heater?-incineration of waste


Saunas have always proven to be very healthy and comfortable for us. They have released our stress, minimize our headaches and joint pains, and have always been enjoyable. Nowadays everyone has started to build their sauna rooms. However, some make major mistakes when they are installing their heaters. I recommend a wood-burning sauna heater as it provides you with more benefits than an electric heater.

Benefits of a wood burning sauna heater:

Everything has its pros and cons and here we will discuss the reason why one must install a wood burning sauna heater keeping the cons in mind. A wood burning heater is efficient and the advantages outweigh the few cons it has.

The heaters we install all work differently, all have different costs, some have different scents, some use electricity or some need a chimney or vent. Every one of them has different attributes. A wood-burning sauna heater is, however, considered better than the rest.

– A wood-burning sauna heater is known to make an extremely pleasant atmosphere and is traditional, the scent produces heartwarming and makes your sauna bath more enjoyable than the others.

– It is also the least expensive when compared to an electric heater. Although an electric heater is easier to clean, convenient, and quick and can easily maintain the temperature according to your needs in just 10 minutes, the utility bills make it disturbing for everyone as it uses up too much electricity.

– Moreover, if you are living in a rural area or somewhere where there are electricity problems then investing in an electrical heater is a total waste of money. If you install a wood-burning sauna heater then there is no need to have your place wired by an electrician, saving your bills but then you’ll have to install a chimney or a vent.

– Naturally, there will also be disadvantages like, it will take longer to control the temperature and may take longer to heat a room when it is cold.

– A wood-burning sauna heater will have its life expanded if it is properly maintained. Never clean it with ammonia or bleach as it will ruin the wood’s color, it is better to clean it with water, and a bit of baking soda. In some areas, there is an issue of hard water; the water that contains high concentrations of dissolved lime, chalk, calcium, magnesium sulfates, and other minerals.

– It may leave a limescale residue that grows with time, and ends up in choking pipes and interfering with plumbing. Use mayonnaise to solve this issue. Mayonnaise doesn’t affect the wood but when a fat layer of it is applied for about 8 hours will make it less visible or sometimes erase it. Refrain from using vinegar as it may be a remedy, but it is harmful to wood and may ruin it.


I hope this article gave you the information you needed. Just remember to keep the tips in mind while installing a wood burning sauna stove!