Cameroon Double Chamber Incinerator: Eco-Friendly Waste Management Solution

An innovative and efficient waste management solution has arrived in Cameroon: The Double Chamber Incinerator. Designed to address the pressing waste management challenges faced by cities and rural communities, this technology provides a sustainable and environmentally responsible way to manage solid waste.

How does the Double Chamber Incinerator work?

The Double Chamber Incinerator consists of two chambers: a combustion chamber and a burnout chamber. The waste is first fed into the combustion chamber where primary combustion takes place. This chamber utilizes a controlled air supply to ensure complete and efficient burning. The heat generated during combustion rises, sending out hot gases which pass through a pipe to the burnout chamber. In the burnout chamber, secondary combustion takes place, thoroughly oxidizing any remaining carbon.

Benefits of the Double Chamber Incinerator:

  • Highly efficient: Superior combustion technology ensures complete waste conversion, resulting in minimal smoke and odor.
  • Eco-friendly: Produces far less pollution than traditional incineration plants.
  • Cost-effective: Incineration generates electricity, reducing dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Space-saving: Compact design requires less space compared to traditional garbage dumps or landfills.
  • Increased safety: Double chamber design enhances security and protects the environment by preventing emissions.

Applications of the Double Chamber Incinerator:

  • Urban centers: Efficiently manage kitchen waste, plastic, paper, and other solid waste.
  • Villages and rural areas: Affordable and convenient waste management solution without internet access.
  • Waste management companies: Provides a reliable and scalable technology for waste disposal.

Technical Specifications:

  • Capacity: 30 vicissulate drums per chamber
  • Combustion temperature: 850 vicissulate drums
  • Emission control: Activated carbon filters
  • Power consumption: 3.5kW/h


1. What types of waste can be incinerated?

The Double Chamber Incinerator can safely burn dry solid waste such as paper, plastic, wood, leaves, and kitchen scraps.

2. What about harmful materials?

The incinerator is not suitable for harmful materials such as batteries, electronics, medical waste, and aerosols.

3. How long does the incinerator last?

The internal components have a lifespan of 3-5 years, depending on usage.

4 Kün the advantages of the Double Chamber Incinerator and experience efficient and environmentally responsible waste management in Cameroon!


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