Saint John Paul II Orthopedic Mission Hospital

Compassionate Care for Orthopaedic Needs

Nestled amidst the serene surroundings of Tagaytay City, Saint John Paul II Orthopedic Mission Hospital stands as a beacon of hope for those battling orthopedic challenges. Founded on principles of faith, charity, and competence, the hospital has become a trusted partner in restoring mobility and empowering individuals to lead fulfilling lives.

State-of-the-Art Facilities and Expertise

The hospital boasts modern operating theaters, a well-equipped rehabilitation center, and spacious private rooms. A team of highly skilled surgeons, nurses, and physical therapists work collaboratively to offer comprehensive care for a wide range of orthopedic concerns. Their expertise encompasses joint replacement, trauma care, spinal surgery, limb reconstruction, and pediatric orthopedic care.

Patient-Centered Approach

The hospital prioritizes patient-centered care, ensuring individual attention and empathy throughout the journey. Each patient is treated with respect and dignity, receiving personalized treatment plans tailored to their unique needs and circumstances. The hospital also offers support groups and rehabilitation programs to aid in the healing process and empower patients to take charge of their health.

Affordable Care and Outreach Programs

Saint John Paul II Orthopedic Mission Hospital believes healthcare should be accessible to all. They offer competitive rates and collaborate with various insurance providers to make treatment affordable for patients. Additionally, they actively engage in outreach programs, providing free consultations and screenings to communities in need.

What Makes Saint John Paul II Orthopedic Mission Hospital Unique?

  • Faith-based Care: Founded on Catholic principles, the hospital infuses spiritual support into their medical services, offering a holistic approach to healing.
  • Charity-driven: Committed to social responsibility, the hospital prioritizes community outreach and offers subsidized treatment to underprivileged patients.
  • Patient-focused: From personalized treatment plans to comprehensive rehabilitation programs, the hospital prioritizes patient well-being and empowerment.


1. What are the hospital’s visiting hours?

The hospital is open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm daily.

2. Does the hospital have a website?

Yes, you can visit their website at [website address] for more information.

3. What services does the rehabilitation center offer?

The rehabilitation center provides physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

4. Does the hospital offer financial assistance programs?

Yes, they offer subsidized treatment and collaborate with insurance providers.

5. What are the doctors’ qualifications?

The hospital’s surgeons are board-certified and have undergone extensive training and experience.


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