Kitete Regional Referral Hospital


Kitete Regional Referral Hospital is a state-of-the-art healthcare facility located in Kitete District, in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania. Established in 2014, the hospital is a pivotal component of the Kilimanjaro Regional Health System, aiming to provide high-quality, comprehensive healthcare services to the people of the region.

Facilities and Services

Spread over 24 acres, the hospital boasts modern infrastructure and equipment, including:

  • 222 inpatient beds
  • Comprehensive emergency services
  • Advanced surgical facilities
  • Comprehensive laboratory services
  • X-ray and imaging center
  • Operating theaters and recovery rooms
  • Specialized outpatient clinics
  • Oncology and dialysis units
  • Blood bank and pharmacy

Mission and Vision

The mission of Kitete Regional Referral Hospital is to:

  • Provide equitable access to quality healthcare services
  • Promote and maintain a healthy population
  • Offer specialized care and referrals
  • Collaborate with other stakeholders in healthcare delivery

The hospital’s vision is to become a center of excellence in healthcare, serving as a referral center for the entire Kilimanjaro Region.

Key Achievements

Since its inception, Kitete Regional Referral Hospital has achieved significant milestones, including:

  • Conducted over 50,000 surgeries and 1 million outpatient consultations
  • Served over 180,000 patients in the Emergency Department
  • Achieved 98% inpatient recovery and discharge rate
  • Developed robust referral network with other hospitals

Future Plans

The hospital has ambitious plans for expansion and development, including:

  • Increasing bed capacity to 300
  • Establishing a cancer center
  • Constructing a maternity and childcare center
  • Enhancing digital infrastructure and healthcare services


1. What are the visiting hours?

Visiting hours are from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM every day.

2. How can I contact the hospital?

The phone number is +255 27 2552332 or +255 784 908 000.

3. Does the hospital offer accommodation for patients?

Yes, the hospital has a patient hostel with a limited number of rooms.

4. What is the cost of healthcare services?

Healthcare services are free for Tanzanian citizens. International patients are required to pay for services based on a fee schedule.

5. What are the employment opportunities at the hospital?

Interested individuals can visit the hospital’s website or check local newspapers for available positions.


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