Nanyuki Cottage Hospital Under Fire for Controversial Incinerator

Nanyuki Cottage Hospital in Embu, Kenya, has come under scrutiny for its installation of a controversial medical waste incinerator. Local activists and environmentalists have raised concerns about the potential harm this incinerator poses to human health and the environment.

The incinerator, according to reports, was purchased by the hospital using a COVID-19 grant. While the hospital maintains the incinerator is necessary for safe disposal of medical waste, critics argue that its improper installation and operation could have devastating consequences.

Major concerns surrounding the Nanyuki Cottage Hospital incinerator include:

  • Lack of public participation: The hospital did not engage the local community in discussions or assessments before installing the incinerator.
  • Environmental impact: The incinerator’s emissions are not adequately controlled, raising concerns about air pollution and potential harm to surrounding ecosystems.
  • Health risks: Improperly managed incineration can release harmful chemicals and pollutants that can contaminate air and water sources, posing health risks to nearby residents.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Critics question the financial viability of the project, arguing for alternative, more environmentally friendly methods of medical waste management.

Local activists have raised several questions:

  • Was the installation of the incinerator in compliance with environmental regulations?
  • Was an environmental impact assessment conducted before installation?
  • What measures are in place to mitigate air pollution and protect public health?
  • What are the long-term plans for sustainable waste management at the hospital?

The hospital has defended the incinerator, claiming:

  • It provides a safe and efficient way to dispose of highly infectious medical waste.
  • The incinerator meets all relevant environmental regulations.
  • The hospital is working to address any concerns regarding its operation.

Despite the hospital’s assurance, the controversy surrounding the incinerator highlights the need for transparent and inclusive waste management practices in healthcare settings. Alternative solutions like waste reduction, reuse, and composting should be considered alongside technological solutions to mitigate environmental impact.


1. What is the main concern regarding the Nanyuki Cottage Hospital incinerator?

The primary concern is the potential for air pollution and environmental harm due to inadequate environmental safeguards.

2. What are the hospital’s claims regarding the incinerator?

The hospital maintains the incinerator meets environmental regulations and provides a safe waste disposal solution.

3. What are some alternative waste management solutions suggested by critics?

Critics advocate for waste reduction, reuse, and composting alongside technological solutions.

4. What is the current status of the incinerator?

The hospital’s current actions to address the concerns are not publicly disclosed.


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